Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My First Tag

So I guess I'm "IT". I was tagged by StampOwl, a very talented lady from Down Under. Definitely check out her blog there are so many great ideas posted.

List Seven Random things about yourself:

1. I have a tendency to carry on an internal conversation aloud, but usually in the middle of a thought. (My husband loves this about me.)

2. I get the urge to clean at completely inappropriate times. ie 11 PM or when I should be leaving somewhere.

3. I didn't want to get into stamping because I knew I'd like it too much.

4. I am a sucker for buying my kids "just one thing" at the store.

5. I collect hobbies. Someone could probably stay busy for a solid year on the supplies I have stashed in my office.

6. I concentrate better if I sit on the floor. I stamp, cut, organize, bead, paint all of it while sitting.

7. I love trying new things, they never scare me.

Choose Seven people to Tag:

1. Allison

2. Stampin' Fun

3. Stamping Therapy

4. Twisted Chick Creations

5. Misti Stamps 4 Fun

6. Alli Stamps

7. Oceans of Love

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Mistylynn said...

Heyyyy, how come you didn't tag me? Just kidding. Can't wait to see you Friday! Take care.

Erica Bass said...

I hope I don't see you Friday, because the party is on Saturday and my husband and I will probably be on a date. You're welcome to come an babysit though.