Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flocked Flowers

I bought some flocking this weekend to experiment with and I finally got a chance today to play with it. I have learned a few things about using the stuff and I thought that I would share. For those who don't know you buy flocking in similar bottle that embossing powder comes in. It is the fuzzy stuff on some of the papers and stickers that are out lately.

In order to add flocking to a project you will need Heat and Stick powder. You basically follow the same instructions for embossing: stamp image with VersaMark pour Heat and stick powder onto image and heat with the heat gun until it turns clear. Next you will pour the flocking onto the sticky image and tap off the excess. Run over it with the heat gun again to set the flocking and wha-la you are done!

Here are a few tips:
1. Use the embossing buddy on your whole page before you start.

2. When you are applying your flocking to the sticky image be at a different table than all of your other stuff ie your VersaMark pad and heat and stick powder. That way there is no mixing.

3. Make sure that when you heat the heat and stick powder on your project that everything is completely melted. That way all of your images have a secure hold on the flocking.


Mistylynn said...

Thanks for all the tips E! Your page looks amazing. I love those bold flowers... do I have those. Tee hee.

Flossie's Follies said...

Love your pages, the flocking on the flowers is fantastic, love it.

Allison said...

Love this idea of flocking a layout...and what fun with the subject material and the contrast of the blue!