Wednesday, October 15, 2008

b*eden Gallery

Edited Post: This post now includes more of the jewelry I just sent to Connecticut. (If you look before Saturday morning check back again, there is more to come.)

Also if you haven't looked at the pictures on my sister Alyssa's blog check this post for the first batch I sent her.

This blog post is my gallery of jewelry that is available for purchase. The website is in progress, I will post more info on that later. I am hoping to have that up and running in one to two weeks. I will ship anywhere as long as the buyer is willing to pay the whole cost of shipping. (It makes a lot of sense for people to order together so they can split the shipping.)

All earrings will have sterling silver loops or copper depending on the color scheme. Sometimes special shaped hoops will be in an alternate metal but I will note it.

Custom design will include a $10 fee. I will try to re-create anything you've seen as long as I can obtain the style of beads you are wanting and it involves chain or wire. Custom charge does not apply when changing color of existing design.

Click on the images below to see more detail.

kinder eden *for kids*


Kristy said...

This looks GREAT! I love the pictures and the jewerly is cool. You are so talented!

Natalie said...

Loving them all! Where did you come up with eden?

jim said...

Erica, oh my goodness!!! these are gorgeous!!!! i will totally buy from you.

jim said...

hey erica, the post by "JIM" was me...michelle