Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paper Girls Challenge #14 Get Messy

First off this post is late for the challenge but I wanted to show the technique that I used to mist the chevrons on my page and my card so I hope people don't mind! Again, this challenge was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. If you want to check out the inspiration pin here it is. The tutorial I came up with is below. As a side note about this particular page I planted my peony bush three years ago and it finally bloomed! What a relief! I was beginning to think I planted a dud or that I was doing something wrong.

Because I always feel compelled to experiment with a technique I had to try a different method to make this card. Instead of painting and then masking off- I just masked with the washi tape and then spritzed. Fair warning if you use this method keep in mind that if you mist heavily don't pull the washi tape off until your cardstock is completely dry. For this card I used Mr. Huey's Opaque White and October Afternoon Sprinklers in Icebox.

Tutorial Time: Misting and Masking with Washi tape

You will need a few basic supplies. Washi tape, acrylic paint, and some misters in at least two colors.
 Also, you will need to choose your canvas. I used a piece of watercolor paper because I figured that would stand up to a heavy inking and all of the paint I planned on using.

 First, spritz your paper randomly with the spritzers. Make sure to put your paper into a box with tall sides to protect your surfaces. Then let your paper dry completely before moving on.

 Second, start masking off your chevrons with your washi tape. Next time I don't think I would use the Smashbook tape (black and white polka dot). It's a little more papery and was harder to remove. Match up your points carefully.

 I took this picture to show that you should keep the chevrons going of the page to keep the continuous look of the pattern.

 Third, I used a paint dabber to start adding the white back onto the paper. I had to do several thin coats of paint and let them dry in between. Honestly next time I think I would just use a paint brush and a bottle of paint for this technique.
 Fourth, add more paint. Then some more. I think this magenta color is hard to cover completely.

 And last step, when the paint has dried completely start removing the washi tape. It was so satisfying to reveal! I loved the handmade look and the imperfections!

 Here is a view of what I did with the card. I just masked the kraft cardstock and then spritzed. As you can see the washi tape gets really wet with this method. Once you know the cardstock is dry then you can blot of the washi tape before removing it.

I just couldn't stop with the chevrons! I ended up doing my nails too! Here is the pin on Pinterest where I found a tutorial of how to do this. Make sure your bottom coat of nail polish is really dry before adding the next color. What can I say? I'm a Pinterest junkie!

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