Friday, May 16, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

I had this idea come to me for Teacher Appreciation week when I remembered that I donated cards to a class basket for an auction. The basket was themed Zoo Animals and I remembered last minute that I needed to donate something still. I rummaged through my basket (s) of finished cards and wrapped them up with a pretty ribbon to make them more presentable. Anyway, the teacher was raving about them still a month later at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Flash forward to the present, I wanted to give something handmade to the teachers but one of my daughters has at least four teachers and I didn't want to discount all of their hard work supporting her through the school year, just because they didn't have her in a regular classroom. I realized I have soooo many cards and how much Poppy's teacher liked what I donated to the auction. I bundled up 6 cards for each teacher and wrote in a card especially for them. It worked great! I was informed by one Poppy's teachers that she wasn't' going to use them though, because she intended on staring at them every day.

Make sure to stop by SSInk for more teacher appreciation gifts in case you have some last minute gifts you need to make yourself.

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Cynthia said...

Great idea, cause teachers are always in the need of cards.