Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

I learned how to make these fun ornaments from my friend Connie. After I saw hers I've made quite a few. The best paper to use is a fairly lightweight one because of all of the folding and pinning involved. So dig into your drawers and use up some of that scrapbook paper you've been hoarding!

Finished Product

Supplies Needed:
1 box of appliqué needles*
1 12" x 12" sheet of single sided scrapbook paper
1 3" Styrofoam ball
Approximately 2' of wide ribbon
*You can use other sizes of flat head pins but these are the easiest to push in.

1 Cut scrapbook paper into 1" x 2" strips with a paper trimmer.

2 Fold all the strips into triangles.

3 Pin the first four triangles as shown in figure 3. You may have to overlap some of the triangles in order to get a nice edge with non of the white showing. You will pin down the outer corners as well in this step.
4 Pin the second row of triangles as shown in figure 4 and 4a. On this particular row I match up the point of the triangle with the line below it. On each row you will only use four triangles. Note that you only pin down the top points on all of the remaining rows.
5. Continue to pin rows until you reach the mid point of the ball. To keep the look consistent make sure the top triangle's point matches the angle of the bottom point.
6. Take about a foot of ribbon and pin to the middle of the Styrofoam ball as shown in figure 7. I usually just hold the ribbon up to the ball and "eyeball" it.
7. Continue to pin rows, as the size of the ball decreases this is where you will want a thimble to save your fingers! Notice that I am pinning right over the top of the ribbon. This keeps the ribbon securely in place.
8. Make sure you save a couple of very neatly folded triangles for the top section see figure 9.

9 Tie remaining ribbon around the top of your ribbon loop and you are finished.


Misty said...

Okay, so you know you're A+ in my book now, right? Thank you, thank you, thank you. So simple and easy and beautiful. Take care E. See you soon. I was thinking January 26th or so for the party but just pencil that in cuz I'm not positive.

The Dolphin Inn said...

Wow those ornaments are AMAZING, thanks for sharing the instructions, thanks also for stopping by my blog, have a great week XXX

Aimee Larsen said...

These are totally awesome!!! I'm glad I found them...

Belinda said...

I found your page on Bing Images when I was looking for handmade ornaments. This was amazing and a huge help to me and I made several for an ornament exchange. The recipients liked them so much, they wanted to know how I made them, so I sent them the url to your page. I hope that's ok.

Thanks so much for the tutorial!