Saturday, September 20, 2008


Another quick page for you to look at. I have some pictures of some cards I've made recently but I just need to set aside some time to find the cord so I can upload the pictures from my camera to the computer and watermark them. This last week has been hectic! Last friday I was parked in a parking lot and opened my door to get out and had a lady pull into the space next to me and smash my door in. I've had to go over the story so many times that I really am tired of it but let's just say that she's lucky I was still inside of the car when she zoomed in. Actually she was really nice but her insurance is trying to say it should be partially my fault. How?!?

So onto this cute little page... The bg paper is MME, the white layer was experimentally punched with the scallop edge punch (SU!) and the kraft piece is from a butcher block by 7gypsies (I think) and same with the matte on the picture. The kids are at the zoo here in ABQ. Mine has the dark hair, the other cuties include a friend's kid and my cousin's.


Mistylynn said...

Oh, E sorry to here about the car. Just stick to your guns and get your insurance or a lawyer involved if you have to. You were parked!!!! How could it be your fault. SHEESH! Great page. Take care and hopefully you'll get to visit a little bumpkin soon.

Deb Neerman said...

Omigosh, thank goodness you hadn't gotten out of the car!!!

Insurance companies always try to split the blame; it's their schtick! Don't worry, your insurance boys will take care of it fer ya!

Love the L-O! It's a great pix too!

Stay safe!!