Saturday, January 24, 2009

Project 365

I decided to start the project 365 this year. My good friend Misty suggested it to me and I mulled it over and decided that it would be quite the challenge. If you're interested in more information on this you can check out Becky Higgens blog. The basic idea is to take one picture every day for a year and journal about it. Becky Higgens has a free download that has some really cool journaling cards and some ideas about what other people are doing with their own projects. Here are some of the pictures I took for this week:

MondayPoppy soothes herself by playing with her hair. She also plays with my hair when I'm around and at times it drives me crazy. The other funny thing about this is I put a pair of Weston's socks on her to see what she would do. She insisted on sleeping with them.

TuesdayI spent my whole day at shopping malls around town. They were doing that settlement with the cosmetics companies. I cashed in on some free products (I do spend my share of money at these counters) and found some princess shoes on sale at the Disney store for the girls. Poppy had had enough by the time I was through. Too bad I forgot to put a stroller in my car.

WednesdayWhat can I say? Weston and I are totally hooked on this show. Tonight was the season premier of the 5th season.

ThursdayGenevieve made the cutest letter j's on her homework. I think they are almost done with Letter People. She has made a lot of progress since they started at the beginning of the school year. I really don't have to supervise her doing this kind of homework.

Poppy was in dire need of a haircut. I guess it was really that she needed to have her bangs trimmed. This is the before and after shots. I know it's time when she has to stop what she's doing and move her hair out of her face. I swear her hair grows so fast!

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Mistylynn said...

I love your pictures, it's like a little window into your life!
Love what I've seen of the new catty.