Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Stems Card

Something quick and simple. I think the more I look at it though I would probably stamp the flowers straight across the front. The DP is a scrap from Candy Lane and the base is textured Kiwi Kiss. I know I've used this color a lot but part of the reason is I happen to have a lot on hand. Funny how that happens.

If anyone has been watching American Idol (we've followed it since it started) I am pretty mad at a couple of choices the judges made last night. I'm horrible with names but the black guy who got his cheek pierced and is friends with the music teacher who's wife died (made it through), why did he get cut?? He sounded current and sang better than some that made it. Next is that really annoying girl with the crazy giggle. Are you kidding me. I personally think that she only got through because people know who she is and everyone wants to see her get cut. I am glad that Norman Gentle made it through because he is so funny. Really can't wait to see what happens there. So there's my little rant!

Happy Valentines Day!

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