Friday, April 22, 2011

State Fair Punch Art

I don't usually go for a cutesy style but my kids really like it. This page was really calling for another tractor. So I decided to build one -- out of punches at least. This mostly consists of the rounded rectangle punch. The nice thing about punch art is that you can layer punches and all of the pieces that are the same color blend in with each other so it appears as one cohesive unit. When I finished making the smaller wheel I held shift down and selected all of the pieces and grouped them. Once they are grouped I can copy the grouped object and paste and make an additional wheel that I can resize. It saves a lot of time. The buckets are also made with punches and I also colored in the kids from All in the Family with punches.

When you want to color in a digital stamped image like these kids with a bold look follow these steps:

1. pull the image onto your page and get it positioned and sized the way you want it

2. find the appropriate punch shapes that will fill in the areas you want colored. You may have to overlap images to make this work. Don't forget that if you need duplicates of the same shape save time by copying and pasting.

3. Once you have covered the area that you want to be filled with color, select the stamped image and right click on it, choose Bring to Front.

Hope that helps anyone that wants to be in the know!

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