Monday, November 20, 2017

PGCB #140 - Gold

Ok, the latest challenge at Paper Girls Challenge blog is Gold. My sister-in-law needed help making a money envelope for a traditional Chinese wedding she was going to. She texted me and asked if I had any stamps with Chinese characters on them. I had a stamp set made in 2000 called Kanji that had the character for Love. I was really nervous that it was Japanese and not Chinese and I would be sending her with the wrong language on it. Thanks to Google image search we were 99% sure we would be ok. We checked for the right colors and voila! We ended up with red and gold. We stamped a matching insert so my Brother and his wife could write a message to the bride and groom. I think sometimes have a million stamps on hand comes in handy! It was also nice to have some if these foil snowflakes to add as an embellishment.

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