Monday, March 2, 2020

PGCB #195 - Glitter!

In the world of crafting does anyone actually read blogs anymore? I'm just wondering if it's something of the past. I thought I might update the blog just in case someone actually looks once in a while. I personally scroll through Instagram a lot more these days so I made an account for the Paper Girls Challenge Blog for people to follow. Anyway if you stop by thanks!!

We had a glitter challenge this time and I pulled out the chunky glitter in hopes that I wouldn't be wearing as much of it for as long. I dabbed some glue and made a smattering of it diagonally along from bottom to top and since I'm dying for spring I needed to accent with some spring flowers I added some sequins inside to add to the glittery look. Too bad it's hard to capture the true glittery look of this card!

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