Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SSInk: December Daily

It's really fun to compare how everyone's December Daily's are looking over at SSInk. I like to take a fairly simple approach just to make sure I complete the book and don't get overwhelmed. That's why I like using the Stampin' Up Project Life supplies. I bought the Hello December inserts and the Hello December Accessory pack just to simplify getting the supplies together this year. I love the red and gold foil alphabet stickers included and the cute wood chips and sequins. I'm really excited to keep putting this book together.

Above is my cover page that you see right as you open the book. I like having a family picture shown so you can see the change in everyone's growth each year.

I came across an idea to approach the December Daily through an alphabet rather than numbered by day over at RetroHipMama. Since this is my third year doing a December Daily I thought it would be fun to mix it up and go with a word or words that go with each letter of the alphabet this go round. I look forward to sharing more of the pages as I work on it. I will be printing more pictures soon and have my next few pages ready to post. Ta Ta for now.

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Kim Ryden said...

Love your album so far and I LOVE the lego advent idea!!