Monday, December 15, 2014

The Paper Girls Challenge #70 - Ornaments

 Thanks to a Russian blogger and Pinterest I knew exactly what I wanted to make for the ornament challenge! I fell head over heels for these ballerinas made by Stariy Chemodan's tutorial. The tutorial is all in Russian granted but I was able to glean enough information from the many pictures she posted that I was able to recreate some of my own. These lovely ballerinas are made from wire, napkins, sewing thread and watered down glue. I only had white napkins so I made use of my Mister Huey's Mint Julep ink and also Dylusians in Vibrant Turquoise for the aqua ballerina, and Dylusians in Bubble Gum pink for the pink ballerina.
 I made these with my 11 year old daughter and she had fun doing this. She didn't have enough patience for making the body but she loved dying the napkins and dressing the ballerinas up.
One last look at the pink ballerina. Visit the Paper Girls Challenge for more handmade ornament inspiration. I hope everyone gets lots of crafting time in this busy season!

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